2021 Race results

Sunday 22nd August

Big Half

Pos Name Time
316 (228) Dave Grant 01:20:27
677 (453) Isaac Griffiths 01:26:22
710 (13) Mark Brown 01:26:51
723 (484) Laurenz Gerger 01:27:01
741 (492) Tom Vincent 01:27:14
1161 (713) Ewan Burns 01:32:00
1948 (14) Kati Pusey 01:39:26
2283 (235) Emma Dodds 01:42:16
3474 (440) Natasha Dowds 01:50:25
7458 (182) Brigit Brown 02:19:58
8362 (2803) James Barker 02:30:25

Full results available here

Sunday 8th August

Bewl Water Triathlon

Pos Athlete Gender Category Gun Time
4 Rob Parry M 40-44 2:17:30
6 Jamal Dayes M 35-39 2:20:13
10 Greg Lewis M 55-59 2:21:16
38 Jeremy Purnell M 55-59 2:37:26
7 Susan Fairfax F 45-49 2:38:38
16 Bea Chapman F 25-29 2:47:48
18 Alison Purnell F 55-59 2:49:14

Full results available here

Saturday 7th August

London Triathlon

Pos Name Time
167 Laurenz Gerger 02:27:20
264 Andre Whyte 02:30:46

Full results available here

Sunday 25th July

Beckenham Place Park Cross Triathlon

1stRob Parry00:54:57
12thVictor Thompson01:04:20
18thPhil Vickers01:08:41

Full results available here

18th July

East Grinstead Sprint Distance – SPRINT DISTANCE CLUB CHAMPS


9thGreg Lewis1:06:27
10thJamal Dayes1:06:52
12thIsaac Griffiths1:08:54
28thJeremy Purnell1:14:06


3rdSusan Fairfax1:12:26
6thAlison Purnell1:19:55
13thCatriona Tuplin1:23:53
14thCatherine Cooke1:24:42

Full Results available here

6th June 2021

Windrush Aquathlon


3Greg Lewis00:29:00.7
11Matthew White00:31:07.0
13Mark Thomas00:31:51.5
14Selwyn Smith00:31:56.0
17Martin Leat00:32:35.7
20Stuart Williams00:33:17.0


3Susan Fairfax00:32:15.1
10Lisa Buchanan00:35:04.8
26Claire Sliwerski00:41:58.4

Full Results: https://www.whatsmytimeresults.co.uk/results.aspx?CId=17047&RId=6005

Eastbourne Triathlon

61Pieter-Jan Bouten02:20:18

Full Results: https://www.racetecresults.com/results.aspx?CId=16665&RId=3248&EId=2

9th May 2021

Runthrough Crystal Palace

Half Marathon

20thEwan Burns01:30:37
32ndTom Cumberledge01:33:34
38thTom Vincent01:34:56
68thSelwn Smith01:42:43
145thHaydn Whitmore01:55:18
348thJames Barker02:35:54


27thChris O’Gorman00:46:52

1st March 2021

SLT Arena Games Round 3 – Men

Downtown Dolphin (Crit City) – 19km Bike

Kev Freeman27th00:24:25.777
Selwyn Smith46th00:24:59.510
Jamal Dayes49th00:25:04.454
Isaac Griffiths56th00:25:10.645
Chih Lin69th00:25:47.581
Ewan Burns93rd00:26:03.363
Martin Leat96th00:26:24.626
Dan Duran103rd00:26:29.999
Stuart Williams187th00:28:07.027
Chris O’ Gorman211th00:28:40.061

SLT Arena Games Round 3 – Women

Chilli Pepper – 8.25km Run

Emma Dodds10th00:39:27.208

26th Feb 2021

SLT Arena Games Round 2 – Men

Ocean Blvd – 11.6km Run

Ewan Burns13th00:42:30.865
Kev Freeman11th00:45:16.385
Matthew White37th00:54:09.471
Isaac Griffiths50th00:57:50.774
Chris O’Gorman56th01:03:18.712
Stuart Williams70th01:25:52.121

SLT Arena Games Round 2 – Women

London 8 – 20.8km Bike

Susan Fairfax60th00:36:50.848
Emma Dodds65th00:37:11.549

22nd Feb 2021

SLT Arena Games Round 1 – Men

London 8 – 20.8km Bike

NAMEPosition Time
Kev Freeman46th00:29:44.975
Jamal Dayes51st00:30:07.687
Isaac Griffiths54th00:30:07.826
Selwyn Smith74th00:30:44.239
Ewan Burns116th00:31:44.995
Martin Leat165th00:33:16.558
Tom Vincent193rd00:33:59.248
Stuart Williams226th00:35:15.987

SLT Arena Games Round 1 – Women

Ocean Blvd – 11.6km Run

Emma Dodds13th01:00:03.763

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