1st March 2021

SLT Arena Games Round 3 – Men

Downtown Dolphin (Crit City) – 19km Bike

Kev Freeman27th00:24:25.777
Selwyn Smith46th00:24:59.510
Jamal Dayes49th00:25:04.454
Isaac Griffiths56th00:25:10.645
Chih Lin69th00:25:47.581
Ewan Burns93rd00:26:03.363
Martin Leat96th00:26:24.626
Dan Duran103rd00:26:29.999
Stuart Williams187th00:28:07.027
Chris O’ Gorman211th00:28:40.061

SLT Arena Games Round 3 – Women

Chilli Pepper – 8.25km Run

Emma Dodds10th00:39:27.208

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