2019 Crystal Palace Triathlon

2019 Race Results

Congratulations to everyone who completed this year’s Crystal Palace Triathlon. The provisional results have now been reviewed and we can now confirm our category winners. Full results are available here. For anyone interested in their age group result, these can be found in this file.

If you have any remaining queries regarding the results, please contact our timing partner, StuWeb using their online query form.

If you would like to claim your trophy, we can mail it to you at a cost of £5 P&P.  This fee will not apply to the Junior and Youth categories as we did not do presentations on the day in these categories – we will send your trophy to you at the address used on your entry form.

Congratulations everyone!

Sprint Race – Overall

Photos thanks to ProSport Photos

1st         Amy Pritchard (Tri London)
2nd       Hannah Ewens (Crystal Palace)
3rd        Holly Dixon (Greenwich Tritons)

1st         Ross Jarvis (LFTC)
2nd       Rob Parry (Crystal Palace)
3rd        Jonathan Pontin (Addiscombe CC)

Sprint Race – Senior

1st         Hannah Ewens (Crystal Palace)
2nd       Holly Dixon (Greenwich Tritons)
3rd        Maddie Heywood (Tri London)

1st         Ross Jarvis (LFTC)
2nd       Rob Parry (Crystal Palace)
3rd        Jonathan Pontin (Addiscombe CC)

Sprint Race – Vets

1st         Amy Pritchard (Tri London)
2nd       Susan Fairfax (Crystal Palace)
3rd        Gesine Jenkins (Windrush)

1st        Christian Moxon (Clapham Chasers)
2nd       Nils Young (Tri London)
3rd        Euan Lees (Ful-On Tri)

Sprint Race – Super Vets           

1st         Catherine Linney (Crystal Palace)
2nd       Christine Meek (Ealing)
3rd        Denise Kemp (East Essex)

1st         Greg Lewis (Crystal Palace)
2nd       Sean Flynn (Metropolitan Police)
3rd        Robert Argles (Ful-On Tri)

Junior Race                    

1st         Hannah Capey (Greenwich Tritons)

1st         Brett Baker (Greenwich Tritons)

Youth Race                     

1st         Lucy Hoseason (Comet)
2nd       Maisie Gibbons (South London Harriers)
3rd        Isabelle Stoneham (Greenwich Tritons)

1st         Eddie Jodrell
2nd       Dylan Humber-Kelly (CT1 Canterbury)
3rd        Max Selby (Weald Tri)

Tristar 3 Race   

1st         Sophie Hanna (East Fife)
2nd       Kitty Hilling (Walden Junior TC)
3rd        Maddie Hughes (Jetstream)

1st         Dan Levine (Westcroft)
2nd       Elliot Gladwell (Ipswich)
3rd        Theo Treadwell (Greenwich Tritons)

Tristar 2 Race                 

1st         Alice Stawowska (Medway)
2nd       Gracie Macauley (7Oaks)
3rd        Lesedi Nkoane (Jetstream)

1st         Freddie Lett (Comet)
2nd       Finlay Goodman (Weald Tri)
3rd        Luke Draper (Weald Tri)

Tristar 1 Race                 

1st         Marley Reeves (Greenwich Tritons)
2nd       Hannah Painter (Medway)
3rd        Ethel Butler (Dulwich Dolphins)

1st         Edward Metcalf (LFTC)
2nd       Ozzy Beswick (TRiKS)
3rd        Billy Kee (Greenwich Tritons)

Tristart Race                  

1st         Summer Smith
2nd       Elena White (Crystal Palace)
3rd        Iris Butle (Dulwich Dolphins)

1st         Max Leinemann (Discovery Tri)
2nd       Luca Vignoli
3rd        Boaz Hernandez Taylor

Race photographs available

Official photographs from our race are online available to purchase from ProSport Photos.

Graham has been very busy while everyone else has been enjoying some post-race R&R, cataloguing and identifying athletes nearly 5000 images. Please do not ‘steal’ his images. You can order printed or digital photos to keep as a souvenir of your day, please do not use photographs from Graham’s website without purchasing. Photos marked ‘PROOF’ should not be used on Facebook or elsewhere.

Search using your race number. Hope you find some great shots of you in action!

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