5K Challenge

It’s a straightforward challenge, open to everyone. Run a 5k, then try and run faster the next month and the next month and the next month (etc etc). Whoever manages to knock the most off of their baseline time wins!

The table below is the current scoring as of 31.05.2021.

The lower the % score, the better. A score of 100% simply means you haven’t yet beaten your baseline run!

Name % Score
Andrew Kew 93.17
Claire Sliwerski 95.80
Natasha Raggett 95.83
Karen Ayres 97.32
Tom Cumberledge 97.37
Mike Dowds 98.88
Audrey Livingston 99.52
James Barker 100
Mark Brown 100
Emma Dodds 100
Kev Freeman 100
Isaac Griffiths 100
Selwyn Smith 100
Tom Vincent 100
Matt White 100
Haydn Whitmore 100
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