2019 Race results

22nd December 2019

Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon

NamePosition Cat Position Time
Alexandra Dix301st (60th Female)9th F 20-29 4:13:34

22nd December 2019

Carrera De Navidad “LLANO DE DON ANTONIO” 5K
NamePosition Cat Position Time
Karen Ayers 571st26:25

15th December 2019

Malaga Marathon
NamePosition Cat Position Time
Chris O’Gorman1870298th M503:55:48

14th December 2019

Kent Cross Country League 10K(Footscray Meadows)
NamePosition Time
Tom Vincent112th/21044:30
Isaac Griffiths125th/21045:10

6th December 2019

Clapham Chasers 5K’s of Christmas

Name RacePosition Time
Issac GriffithsD27th19:40
Emma DoddsB8th21:36
Alexandra DixA1st22:13

24th November 2019

Windrush Falling Leaves Duathlon
NamePosition Cat Position Time
Rob Parry1st1st M20-3941:37
Josh Walker2nd2nd M20-3942:32
Euan Davies3rd 3rd M20-3943:41
Joseph Yee6th1st M15-1945:01
Greg Lewis 7th1st M50+45:22
Victor Thompson13th1st M40-4947:48
Jeremy Purnell 15th3rd M50+48:05
Matthew White16th2nd M40-4949:01
Susan Fairfax17th1st F40-49 & 1st Female 49:08
Alison Purnell 28th1st50+ & 2nd Female53:21
Catriona Tuplin32nd2nd F40-49 & 3rd Female 54:44
Jim Phelan37th5th M50+57:38
Louise Alan-Smith44th1st F50+ 1:00:30
Dave Crockwell48th6th M50+1:04:15

10th November 2019

Beckenham Charity Trail 10k

Full results here

Mark Brown1000:40:28
Andrew Kew2200:42:39
Selwyn Smith2700:43:17
Mark Thomas3800:44:46
Darren Cartwright4200:46:00
Phil Feldman4900:46:47
Emma Dodds5300:47:20
Kati Pusey7700:50:41
Jane Ford7900:51:04
Anna Jackson10000:53:37
Natasha Raggett11200:55:03
David Crockwell11800:55:57
Brigit Brown13400:58:07

10th NOVEMBER 2019

Mojácar 7K
NamePosition Time
Karen Ayers145th. 1st VCF37:29
Bruce Ayers171st39:48
Ruki Sidhwa202nd41:44

2nd November 2019

White Rose Ultra Marathon 60 miles
NamePosition Time
Kevin Freeman 10th13:21:00
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