12th May 2019

Crystal Palace Triathlon (London League)

Thank you so much to everyone who helped put on our club race this year, and hope that you all enjoyed being a part of the biggest amateur club run event in the region, and one of the biggest in the country. With your help, the day was once again a standout success. Whilst we need as many members as possible helping on the day rather than racing, we do allow new adult members the chance to race once, as well as fielding a small select team whose chief job it is to race for Senior London League positions across the individual and team competitions.

London League Standings will be updated here shortly, with race report here

Full adult results here https://www.stuweb.co.uk/race/2aN

Individual results:

Rob Parry201:06:38
Greg Lewis601:08:50
Matt White2101:11:50
Hannah Ewens2801:12:58
Susan Fairfax3801:13:48
Darren Cartwright5501:15:49
Pieter-Jan Bouten7001:17:17
Catherine Linney7501:17:48
Emma Dodds10501:20:05
Ottilie Bright18601:25:29
Kati Pusey18701:25:35
Marcus Gunn19401:26:06
Phil Feldman24301:28:36
Charlotte Larco34801:34:27
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