30th June 2019

Windrush Aquathlon
NamePosition Cat Position Time
Greg Lewis7th1st M55-5928:12
Tom Vincent 8th2nd M35-3929:00
Matthew White 9th1st M40-4429:03
Victor Thompson 12th2nd M45-4930:29
Elkie Mace14th1st F35-3930:50
Isaac Griffiths 17th3rd M30-3431:12
Mark Thomas19th2nd M55-5931:33
Martin Leat 28th1st M60-6432:56
Emma Dodds 30th4th F25-2933:28
Kati Pusey 43rd1st F45-4935:10
Martin Rafferty58th4th M50-5437:20
Louise Alan-Smith80th1st F55-5940:50
Sally Kidson83rd1st F65-6941:17
David Crockwell90th2nd M60-6442:55
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Triathlon Club Near Me

Sunday 14th May, 2023
The Crystal Palace Triathlon will be back this summer with participants taking on the fast and hilly traffic-free route all set within the grounds of Crystal Palace Park.